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Watch for Unsolicited Retirement Counseling Services

From our friends at VRS:

"VRS occasionally receives reports from members and employers that various companies or groups have contacted them via email or phone to offer retirement counseling services or insurance products.

Please be aware:

  • VRS does not use unsolicited calls to contact members to offer services.
  • VRS does not sell services; all benefit counseling is free to members and retirees.
  • Correspondence from VRS will arrive by U.S. mail on official letterhead.
  • Emails from VRS will be sent from a "" address and include the VRS logo and copyright.
  • VRS staff do not come to members' homes to discuss benefits.

Remember, VRS offers its counseling services free of charge: Exercise caution in responding to unsolicited offers of retirement planning or advice. If you are uncertain if a communication originated with VRS, please call 888-827-3847."