New Employee Perks and Incentives Resource

Human Resources is excited to announce a brand-new resource available on our website. The Employee Perks and Incentives page is your one-stop shop for information on all of the benefits, discounts, and complimentary resources that come with being a Mason employee.

Gain an overview of:

  • Health insurance, retirement, and leave benefits by employee type
  • Financial benefits, including tuition exemption and student debt relief
  • Discounts on and around campus
  • Family and personal care resources
  • Professional development offerings
  • Local events and activities in the DMV

...and more!

This page is a dual-purpose resource for both current employees who may not know all of what's available to them and prospective employees who want to learn more about the advantages of joining the Mason community. HR Liaisons are encouraged to share this page with their departments so that hiring teams can keep applicants up-to-date on what Mason has to offer. Make sure to bookmark this page in your browser for easy access!

For guidance about incorporating this resource into your unit/department's recruitment strategy, please contact the Talent Acquisition team at Questions related to health and wellness programs/benefits can be directed to the Faculty and Staff Engagement team at