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New Faculty Leave Roll Over Date

After careful review of our leave roll policy, best practices and a review of our peer colleges and universities, we are pleased to announce the leave roll date for faculty will permanently change from June 24th to January 9th each calendar year beginning January 9, 2022.

**faculty includes: administrative/professional faculty, 12-month instructional/research faculty, 12-month postdoctoral research fellows, and 12-month research staff

**the new leave roll date includes eligible employees on semi-monthly and bi-weekly payrolls.


Adopting this change will bring forth our leave roll process in alignment with other colleges and universities and institute one leave roll process each calendar year.

Here is what will happen next.

  • Faculty will continue to accrue sick and annual leave per HR & Payroll policies through January 9, 2022, beyond the August 24th deadline as indicated in the previous communication.
  • On January 9, 2022, one leave roll will occur to include faculty and classified employees for annual leave up to the carryforward limits per HR & Payroll policies.
  • Leave balances for the categories of bereavement, VSDP Family and Personal, School Assistance Volunteer will not roll forward. The accruals are replenished each calendar year on January 10, 2022.
  • Sick leave balances for 9-month faculty are maintained at the department level; therefore, there will be no change to the current process.


The past year has been very difficult and as a result of the demands surrounding Covid, it has not afforded many of you the opportunity to disconnect to take some much needed time off to re-energize.

It is our hope that the change to the leave roll date will allow you an opportunity to plan for approved scheduled time off, to unplug and enjoy some rest and relaxation.

Should you have any questions, contact


Please note: There will be no extensions granted to roll excess leave beyond the leave roll date of January 9, 2022; therefore, we strongly encourage you to work with your supervisor/dean to schedule time off.