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Optional Group Life Insurance Special Enrollment Period Ends November 30

Securian Financial’s one-time optional coverage special enrollment window ends November 30. VRS members still have time to enhance their life insurance protection without medical underwriting.

  • VRS members who do not currently participate in the optional group life insurance program will have a one-time opportunity to enhance life insurance protection without answering health questions. Normally, new hires have just 31 days to apply for optional life insurance without proof of good health. Those who missed that opportunity may wish to take advantage of the special window to apply for guaranteed coverage.
  • VRS members who already participate in the VRS optional group life insurance program can increase existing coverage by one level (e.g., if their current coverage is 1x compensation, they can increase to 2x) not to exceed the lesser of 4x compensation, or $400,000, without answering health questions.

Members can easily apply for optional group life insurance by accessing their myVRS accounts rather than submitting paper forms. Select 'Life Insurance' under the 'My History' tab and then the 'Visit Securian' button. Once enrolled, members can change coverage online using the secure link to Securian through myVRS.



For assistance, please call Securian at (800) 441-2258.