PageUp - Position Management and Applicant Tracking System

Why PageUp?

Our team is committed to finding the best ways to support faculty and staff, which is why we have been improving our position management and applicant tracking system processes. PageUp will overhaul and streamline the position management and hiring experience. 


The new system will be implemented in late spring 2023. As a first step in our transition to the new system, we are focusing on implementing the position description module within PageUp. We will be sunsetting the Position Maintenance Form (PMF) and the HR Position Management System (the current position description form). This change will streamline the overall hiring process and reduce duplication of efforts moving forward.

To help you plan, please be aware of the following dates:

    1. Beginning the week of March 27, training will be offered on the Position Description module of PageUp. Additional details on training dates/times will be provided soon.
    2. The new Position Description module is expected to launch on Monday, April 3. Users will be granted access upon completion of training and may begin submitting position descriptions in PageUp.
    3. Phase 2: Replacing eWork (PeopleAdmin) - TBD
PageUp Position Description/Recruitment Process
PageUp Position Description/Recruitment Process

Position Description Migration Plan

Position descriptions in the current HR Position Management system will be migrated as follows:

    1. Position descriptions must have a status of “Submitted to HR,” “Under HR Review,” or “Completed” to be included in the migration. All other position descriptions will remain in the HR Position Management system as read-only.
    2. The last day to have a position description included in the migration file is Friday, March 31 at 4 p.m.
    3. Position descriptions migrating from the HR Position Management system will be available in PageUp by mid-April.
    4. The Position Maintenance Form (PMF) will no longer be needed for position descriptions processed through PageUp.

We will continue to provide read-only access to the HR Position Management system during and after the transition to PageUp in order to reference draft PDs.  If needed, those can be manually added into PageUp once the system is live via copy/paste.

Changes and New Features

This new streamlined system will: 

    • Have a position description approval workflow which will eliminate the need for a position maintenance form (PMF) 
    • Integrate with Banner for position numbers, organization numbers, budgeting information, etc. 
    • Streamline the process between HR and Budget Office 
    • Simplify the applicant experience 
    • Have an updated look-and-feel  
    • Replace the Mason HR Position Management System 

 In the same system, job initiators and HR Liaisons will be able to: 

    • Create, view, update, and maintain department position descriptions 
    • Use existing position descriptions for job posting 
    • Manage the pool of applicants 
    • Schedule interviews using direct integration with your Microsoft Outlook calendars  
    • Monitor open positions 

This end-to-end solution provides several strategic improvements:

    • Process simplification - eliminates the need for a position maintenance form (PMF) and replaces the current position management system
    • Data/metrics accessible at the unit level enabling tracking of time to fill among other metrics
    • Enhanced advertising model to help attract top talent
    • Efficiencies such as - same day job posting
    • Addresses compliance and record keeping gaps


HR will provide ample training to ensure you are supported and prepared for this transition and will provide updates as we make progress towards the transition.  

How Do I Access PageUp?

Once you have completed training (see above), you will be able to be able to log in to PageUp beginning April 3. 


What can I do to make sure incomplete position descriptions are included in the migration? 

We recognize that there are a significant number of position descriptions with an incomplete status. If you would like a position description to be included in the migration, please ensure the position descriptions are in one of the three statuses listed above no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, March 31. This is encouraged, but not required.   


What if I have PDs that I haven’t started to enter in the Position Management System?

For any position descriptions that have not been started in the Position Management System, it is recommended to wait and enter them directly into PageUp after it opens on April 3.


Will all my changes be captured? 

Our goal is to be as thorough as possible and match the data in the Position Management System one-to-one with the new system. However, there are some differences between the two systems and we anticipate that not everything will translate perfectly.  


Will not having position descriptions captured in the migration prevent me from recruiting for a position?  

No. This migration process is to assist departments in migrating data that is already in the PMS without duplicating efforts. However, position descriptions can be added directly into PageUp after the launch date of Monday, April 3.   


If you have questions regarding: