Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluation Guidance for Classified Staff

Please follow the performance evaluation guidance you received directly in your email. Different employee types follow different guidance. 

This year Mason’s performance review process will look slightly different as we begin the transformation of our performance management process. As many of you may be aware, Human Resources and Payroll partnered with Accenture and key university stakeholders to assess and improve the performance management process at Mason. Through this partnership, we identified areas of opportunity and developed an implementation roadmap to enhance employees’ experience and engagement in performance management.  

The transformation of the performance management process will occur in stages, with the first changes being implemented in our current cycle for the 2021-2022 performance period. 

We recognize this is an unprecedented change and this may create apprehension about how the performance evaluation process and you, individually, may be impacted.  We are committed to our continued collaboration and partnership with faculty and staff to successfully implement a change that improves both the process and experience. We thank you, in advance, for being flexible during this transition. It is our goal, through ongoing communication and training, to ensure faculty, staff, and supervisors are set up for success during this transition and in the future. We will continue to provide updates and support throughout this transition. 


2021 – 2022 Performance Evaluations 


  • All classified staff hired before July 25, 2022
  • Supervisors and indirect managers of participating classified staff


What Classified Staff Need to Know about 2021 – 2022 Performance Evaluations 

  • Performance evaluations will open September 29, 2022.  
  • The evaluation period is October 25, 2021 – October 24, 2022.  
  • Since we are starting this process later than usual, the evaluations will close on November 18, 2022.  
  • Given the extended deadline, no extensions to the final due date will be granted.  
  • Classified staff will follow the same online process as last year 
  • Self-evaluations are required for all classified staff this year. Completed evaluations are due November 18, 2022. Supervisors are expected to ensure this step is completed. Incomplete evaluations may impact eligibility for the $1,000 bonus that employees will receive in December.  



The performance evaluation cycle to be evaluated is October 25, 2021, through October 24, 2022. Participating classified staff members and their supervisors are encouraged to follow the due dates below. 

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Action Self-Eval
(required for 2022)
Supervisor Review Reviewer Review & Sign-Off Supervisor Sign-Off Employee Sign-Off
Due Date 10/14/2022 10/26/2022
(14 days) 
(6 days)
(12 days)
(4 days)

A one-on-one meeting between the employee and supervisor is encouraged to take place between Steps 3 and 4. We will provide a larger window of time before the Supervisor Sign-Off is due.


Performance Evaluation Initiation

All participants will receive an email from MasonLEAPS inviting them to begin the performance evaluation process by completing their self-evaluation. Email notifications and reminders are sent automatically at each step in the performance evaluation process.


Probationary vs. Annual Performance Review

In previous years, HR & Payroll has allowed certain probationary reviews to take the place of an annual performance review. However, the online performance management system will not allow this practice from this point forward. The probationary review process is still on paper this year. All classified staff hired before July 25, 2022, must have both their probationary paperwork and their online annual performance review submitted as scheduled.



HR & Payroll allows certain exemptions for those individuals with a language barrier or other extenuating circumstances. Please reach out to for these specific requests.



There are resources available to help participants transition to the online tool:

Additional job aids are available for your convenience under the "How-To Guides" section on the MasonLEAPS homepage. If you have questions, please contact or 703-993-2600.


Future Performance Management Changes 


Changes to the Performance Management Process 

Once the current evaluation cycle concludes this fall, we will continue the transformation of the performance management and evaluation process. This includes: 

  • Transitioning the a/p faculty evaluation cycle dates to April 1 – March 31 
  • Assessing the ability to align the classified staff evaluation cycle to April 1 – March 31  
  • Redesigning evaluation ratings/criteria  
  • Assessing the number of competencies included in the evaluation  
  • Defining expectations of managers and their role in engaging and inclusive performance management practices  
  • Expanding performance management and self-evaluation resources for faculty, staff and supervisors  
  • Updating MasonLEAPS to implement the new system and process 
  • Enhanced training for supervisors, staff and faculty


Future Performance Cycle 

Mason is requesting state approval to adjust the classified staff performance evaluation cycle to match the upcoming change to the A/P faculty evaluation cycle, which will be moving to April 1 – March 31. If Mason obtains state approval, then the next performance evaluation cycle for classified staff will be October 25, 2022 – March 31, 2023, as we align to the new cycle dates.  

 Implementing this new cycle will simplify the performance management process for employees and supervisors, allow Mason to move to a pay-for-performance strategy consistent with President Washington’s vision, and align the performance cycle with the state’s budget approval timeline. We will provide updates as additional information becomes available.