Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluation Guidance for University Life Classified Staff

The online performance management process for University Life classified staff will open in MasonLEAPS on August 24, 2022.

For the 2021-2022 performance cycle, classified staff and their managers in your department or unit will access MasonLEAPS to complete the performance review process online. HR & Payroll will allow certain exemptions for those individuals with a language barrier or other extenuating circumstances. Please reach out to for these specific requests.  



  • All University Life classified staff hired as of July 25, 2022
  • Supervisors and indirect managers of indicated classified staff



The performance evaluation cycle to be evaluated is October 25, 2021, through October 24, 2022.

Participating classified staff members and their supervisors are encouraged to follow the due dates below. Extensions may be granted based on circumstance.

Step 1  Step 2  Step 3  Step 4  Step 5 
Self-Eval (optional) Supervisor Review Reviewer Review & Sign-Off Supervisor Sign-Off Employee Sign-Off

Open 8/24/2022

Due 9/2/2022

(10 days)


(21 days)


(10 days)


(16 days)


(5 days)


A one-on-one meeting between the employee and supervisor is encouraged to take place between Steps 3 and 4. That is why there is a larger window of time before the Supervisor Sign-Off is due.


Performance Evaluation Initiation

All participants will receive an email from MasonLEAPS inviting them to begin the performance evaluation process by completing their self-evaluation. Email notifications and reminders are sent automatically at each step in the performance evaluation process.

Self-evaluations for classified staff are encouraged but are optional unless otherwise directed by your supervisor. Because they are optional in MasonLEAPS, reviews will automatically be sent to Step 2 on 9/2/2022 whether or not the self-evaluation is completed. Supervisors will have the ability to return the review to Step 1 if desired (please review the Online Performance Management User Guide (MasonLEAPS) or the How to Re-Open a Step video).

Supervisors – if you are NOT requiring your employee to complete a self-evaluation AND you confirm with your direct report that they do not plan to complete a self-evaluation, you may email to have their review moved to Step 2 prior to 9/2/2022.


Probationary vs. Annual Performance Review

In previous years, HR & Payroll has allowed certain probationary reviews to take the place of an annual performance review. However, the online performance management system will not allow this practice. The probationary review process is still on paper this year. All classified staff hired as of July 25, 2022, must have both their probationary paperwork and their online annual performance review submitted as scheduled.



There are resources available to help participants utilize the online tool:

If you have questions, please contact or 703-993-2600