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Performance Management Training Opportunities

The performance management process is a collaborative partnership between an employee and their supervisor. It is a year-round process of defining expectations, maintaining open communication, providing continuous coaching and feedback, linking goals to organizational needs, and evaluating performance. At a minimum of once per year, this documented process will formally assess and rate the employee’s performance. 

HR & Payroll will offer standalone trainings on performance management beginning in late August. Targeted sessions will be offered for supervisors and non-supervisors in both live and virtual formats. Please review the following details, including learning objectives and how to register. If you have questions, please contact Andrew Lane, Director of Performance Management and Employee Engagement, at

Performance Management for Supervisors

Aug. 24, Aug. 31, and Sep. 6  |  Register in MasonLEAPS

This training will inform supervisors what performance management means, the importance of engaging with staff, and how a job description and competencies drive performance. Participants will also learn best practices for observing and monitoring performance, providing coaching and feedback, managing a remote workforce, effective rating practices, and their role in performance management.



Performance Management for Non-Supervisory Staff and AP Faculty

Sep. 13, 20, and 22  |  Register in MasonLEAPS

This training will inform non-supervisory employees what performance management means, how their job description and competencies drive performance, and how goals can assist to accomplish successful outcomes. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the types of professional development available, the purpose of coaching and feedback, evaluation ratings, and their role in performance management.