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Reminder to A/P Faculty to Document Telework 

As a friendly reminder, A/P faculty who are using flexible work must have a current telework form on file. Whether you are hybrid teleworking, working remotely, flexing time, or working a compressed schedule, this should be documented in your telework form. Additionally, forms need to be renewed annually, so if you have not submitted a telework form in the past year, it may be time to renew your agreement.  


If it’s time to renew your agreement, please use one of the below forms:  

  •  A/P faculty hybrid teleworking, using flextime, working a compressed schedule, or working remotely within the Commonwealth of Virginia should submit the Flexible Work Agreement.
  • A/P faculty working remotely from outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia should request that their supervisor or department head submit the Out-Of-State/International Fulltime Telework/Remote Work Agreement for them (please note that this form may not be initiated by the employee.)  


If you have questions, please visit the Flexible Work website or email Faculty and Staff Engagement at