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Revised Virginia Tax Withholding Tables

Effective for wages paid on or after October 1, 2022, Virginia Tax (VT) has issued revised withholding tables that include an updated formula and updated wage bracket withholding tables. The revised withholding tables include increases in the standard deduction for single filers (to $8,000 from $4,500) and joint filers (to $16,000 from $9,000). A higher standard deduction lowers the adjusted gross income subject to tax for those who do not file itemized deductions. Therefore, employees will notice a reduction in their VA state tax withholding, so their net pay will look higher than in prior payments.

Employees can submit changes to their VA State Tax withholding by completing a VA-4 form. The form is available on our Forms page under State Tax Withholding Forms and can be uploaded to the Payroll Secure File Share located on the same page.

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