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Salary Increase Guidance

In recognition of the extraordinary contributions made by all faculty and staff during these challenging times with retention and current economic conditions, we have decided on a one-time 5% across-the-board base salary increase for faculty and classified staff for this cycle.

We want to emphasize that this “across the board” adjustment in base salary is for the July 10, 2022 compensation adjustment. In the future, increases will be scaled based upon performance reviews as we work to strengthen our performance-based culture for Academic Year 2022 – 2023. We will also be revising the process and timing of the annual performance evaluation process to align with future Commonwealth compensation adjustments.

Classified staff increases will continue to follow guidance governed by the General Assembly and Department of Human Resources Management.

As a follow-up to the President’s communication on the Commonwealth Salary increase, please see below for additional information, including criteria and eligibility requirements. FAQs are available for additional guidance.


Information by Employee Type

Faculty & Classified Staff

  • Faculty and classified staff hired into benefitted positions on or before April 10, 2022, with satisfactory performance receive an increase effective July 10, 2022.  Increases will be reflected on the following paycheck dates for each group:
    • 12-month faculty and classified staff on a semi-monthly payroll cycle – August 1, 2022
    • 12-month faculty and classified staff on a biweekly payroll cycle – partially on July 22, 2022
    • 9-month faculty – September 16, 2022
  • Faculty and classified staff hired or rehired into benefitted positions after April 10, 2022, will not be eligible for the increase.
  • Employees with an unsatisfactory evaluation rating on their most recent evaluation, a notice of substandard performance (including a current performance improvement plan), or no evaluation are not eligible for the increase.
  • Faculty and classified staff on leave without pay will receive the raise when they return to active status.
  • Eligible faculty and classified staff on paid leave will receive the increase effective July 10, 2022 (12-month), or August 25, 2022 (9-month).
  • The increase will be applied to base salary and eminent scholar stipends only. Other stipends are not included.
  • For all 9- and 12-month faculty, the order of the increases will be:
    • Promotion & Tenure
    • Minimum Salary by Rank
    • Contractual increases
    • VA State Increase


Adjunct Faculty and Graduate Assistants

  • The Provost approved adjunct faculty salary matrix will be increased by 5%, effective Fall 2022.
  • An updated Fall 2022 adjunct matrix is available on the Provost Office website.
  • The Fall 2022 Graduate Assistant minimum also will increase by 5% and is available on the Provost Office website.


Student and Non-Student Wage

  • Units will receive a 5% increase in their wage pool.
  • Wage employees may be eligible for up to 5% increase at the discretion of the unit.
  • This does not apply to students paid from Work Study funds.


Annual Performance Evaluations and the Salary Increase

Accreditation standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC) require that universities regularly conduct evaluations of all faculty and staff. While the regulations do not specify precisely how such evaluations must be conducted, the university must demonstrate that they have occurred. Normally, a written performance evaluation would fulfill the documentation requirement.  However, if the evaluation is conducted orally, then the dean or director of the academic unit is responsible for ensuring that sufficient written alternative documentation is maintained.

This salary increase is based on performance and requires faculty and staff to have had a recently completed performance evaluation. Administrative and professional faculty and classified staff should have completed evaluations in October 2021.

Those hired after last year’s evaluation cycle will need to complete at least an interim evaluation. The evaluation needs to be submitted to HR & Payroll along with a Contributor rating in order to be eligible for the increase. Supervisors can use this shortened evaluation form.

Supervisors considering unsatisfactory ratings or needing assistance should contact the employee relations team at FAQs are available for additional guidance. Additional questions concerning the performance evaluation process should be directed to the classification and compensation team at