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Standard Telework Renewal Process for Classified Staff

We’d like to share an update to DHRM Policy 1.61: Teleworking, which includes a new provision for the annual renewal process for Standard Telework Agreements. Effective immediately, state-level approval of Standard Telework Agreements is required only for new or modified agreements requesting more than one day of remote work. Annual renewal of existing telework agreements may be approved by the Agency Head.  

Classified staff who wish to renew their current approved telework agreement without any modifications may now be approved by the university without additional approval from the state. The Standard Telework Agreement must still be submitted as we continue to report this data to the state, but we anticipate that this new provision will greatly increase efficiency and reduce the turnaround time for renewal requests for the same amount of telework.   

We’ve outlined the renewal process for classified employees below. 


Form Renewal Steps

Step 1: Employees should initiate and submit a new version of the electronic New Standard Telework Agreement (via Dynamic form) to document their continuing telework. We have added a drop-down to the form for employees to indicate the Type of Request as one of the below:

a. Renewal - Same number of telework days

b. Renewal - Change to number of telework days

c. New Telework Request

Step 2: Once the employee submits the form, it will be routed to their supervisor for review.   

Step 3: Supervisors will approve or deny the form. Forms that are approved by the supervisor will be automatically forwarded to the appropriate party for further review.  

Step 4: The respective parties outlined below will approve or deny the request.  

Step 5: Once the process is complete, employees will be notified of their request status.  


Who Approves the Agreements?

The policy states that approval of a telework agreement depends on how many days the employee is requesting and whether the request is new or a renewal.   

  • George Mason University may approve/deny one day of telework per week or temporary telework. Temporary telework agreements are those lasting no more than two weeks and are intended for temporary circumstances such as family illness, school closing, weather advisories, etc. Additionally, the university may approve renewal requests from employees wishing to retain the same number of telework days per week. 
  • The Virginia Cabinet Secretary may approve/deny new or modified requests to telework two days per week.    
  • The Virginia Chief of Staff may approve/deny new or modified requests to telework more than two days per week (including remote work).   


For more information on this revised policy, please contact the Faculty and Staff Engagement team at