Tuition Resources

Employee Dependent Tuition Benefit

George Mason University is offering the Mason Virginia Promise (MVP) Grant for qualifying dependents of Mason employees. The employee must be current, active, and benefits-eligible to qualify for this benefit. For more details, please refer to the program description (PDF).

Eligibility Requirements

How to Apply

1. Log in to Patriot Web

2. Select the "Employee Services" Tab

3. Navigate to the "Employee Dashboard"

4. Expand the Benefits section using the carrot

5. Select “Dependents”

6. Select “Add a New Person”

7. On the Updating Dependent page, you must add the following:

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if not indicated on the form as required fields, ALL elements listed below MUST BE COMPLETED. If you do not include an SSN/SIN/TIN and select “attends GMU” your dependent will NOT be considered for this benefit.)

  • Date added
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Relationship – Select “Dependent”
  • SSN or SIN or TIN
  • Birth Date
  • Dependent – Select “Dependent”
  • College Status – Select “Attends GMU”
  • College Begin Date
  • College End Date (can be updated if anticipated graduation date changes)
  • Dependent Child Type

8. Select “Submit Changes”