HR & Payroll News

Update on Federal and State Employment Posters

HR & Payroll is responsible for routinely reviewing federal and state employment poster requirements and ensuring that the required posters are displayed appropriately in designated workspaces across campus. These posters are meant to educate employees on their rights related to a variety of labor law topics such as:

  • Minimum wage
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Workers' compensation, unemployment, and more

State and federal employment laws require us to display state and federal employment posters in areas that are visible to all employees. This can be any location that employees are likely to visit on a daily basis, such as a staff lounge, common area, kitchen, or building entrance. In July 2022, the Commonwealth of Virginia made changes to several employment poster regulations. HR & Payroll will distribute the newly updated posters to on-campus locations that currently have employment posters.

If your unit would like employment posters to display, please contact Tiffany Hughes, Diversity and Compliance Specialist, at These posters are large and will need at least a 5’ x 6’ display area. Electronic versions are available for all employees, especially those who work remotely and do not frequently visit Mason's campuses