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Updated Administrative/Professional Faculty Handbook

The Administrative/Professional (A/P) Faculty Handbook has been updated. These revisions streamline the language and create more clarity.

Below are some of the substantive revisions:

  • Added new text that clarifies that the A/P Faculty Handbook applies only to the performance of A/P faculty duties, as some A/P faculty members have underlying instructional/research (I/R) faculty positions and may have some I/R faculty duties.
  • Changed a heading name to include equity and inclusion. This language was updated to more accurately reflect Mason’s core values as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as the expectation that all federal and state equal employment opportunity laws are followed.
  • Added clarification regarding what happens to underlying tenure or tenure track positions when I/R faculty are appointed to A/P faculty positions.
  • Added a clearer reference to what a tenured faculty member would expect if they no longer hold an A/P faculty position, including reference to the conversion rate if the change involves moving from a 12-month to a 9-month appointment.
  • Added language requiring faculty who wish to teach one course per semester need to receive approval two weeks in advance and clarifies that teaching must occur outside the workday unless there is a flexible work arrangement in place.
  • Changed language so that it explicitly states that outside employment requires supervisor approval, which is consistent with Policy 2227.
  • Added language regarding the expectations for individuals who intend to seek public office and a reminder of Policy 1126 which prohibits employees from using university time or resources for political activities.

You can view the Administrative/Professional Faculty Handbook on the HR & Payroll website. If you have questions, please contact the Employee Relations Team at