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Updated Guidance on Forms for Remote Work/Full-Time Telework

We would like to share updated directions regarding which form to complete for Remote Work/Full-time Telework. This only applies to employees who plan to work exclusively from their home or another agreed-upon alternate campus/worksite located away from the Mason campus.

Remote Work/Full-time Telework is an arrangement where an employee spends most, or all, of their working hours outside the traditional place of work. Full-time teleworkers work from their home (or another agreed-upon alternate worksite located away from the Mason campus) and their position is designed for off-site work. Visits to the campus are infrequent or the position is designed specifically for off-site work.

There are two types of full-time teleworking options, Full-Time In-State Telework and Full-Time Out-of-State Telework (including working internationally). The location of telework will determine which form you should complete.

If you have any questions, please reach out to