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Virtual Bike to Mason Week 2021

Could biking be part of your commute plan? From April 19-23, join Parking and Transportation for Virtual Bike to Mason Week. Details and registration information on all the sessions is available on the Transportation website.


Classes include:

  • Fix a Flat: Don’t let the potential for a flat tire stop you from biking for commuting or recreation. Learn how you can fix a flat at home or while on a bike ride.
  • Biking at Mason: Hear about the biking facilities and programs at all three of Mason’s campuses.
  • Dressing and Packing When Commuting by Bike: Receive tips on biking in all types of weather and conditions.
  • Bicycle Commuting 101: Learn how to feel more confident about getting to campus on two wheels.
  • Bicycle Friendly Driver Training: How to be a safer driver around bicyclists and pedestrians, the related Virginia laws, and where to report near misses on our roads.
  • Multi-modal Commuting and Car-Free Living: Learn about mixed modal commuting via cycling and public buses like CUE and the Fairfax Connector as well as general car-free living.
  • Cycle Talk: A virtual social hour to talk cycling at Mason.
  • Why Would You Want an eBike?: Hear about eBikes and see if one is right for you.
  • Smart Cycling: This session provides the building blocks to developing confidence and competence when riding a bike. Get acquainted with lane positioning, rules of the road, hazards and more.


Hope to see you there!  If you have any questions, please reach out to