Robyn Madar, MA

Robyn’s favorite days at work involve partnering with people to help them discover and grow their unique talents and potential. A skilled facilitator, she loves to pose powerful questions with groups and individuals, design experiential exercises to explore and “try on” new approaches, and provide opportunities to reflect and integrate learning.

Robyn has worked in organizational development and learning at Mason for the past 15 years in various roles, focused on facilitating and delivering professional development programs for faculty and staff that support self-development in leadership, communication, and interpersonal dynamics. In her organizational development work, Robyn listens to leaders and teams to help them work more creatively, collaboratively, and cohesively. She is a lifelong learner and, after careful listening and discussion, seeks to discover and implement innovative tools that spark insight, conversation, and positive change.

Coaching Approach and Style


Robyn’s sense of curiosity allows her to ask powerful questions that deepen her coachees’ self-awareness. She seeks to create a safe, empathetic, and connected environment in coaching – and often, that environment is also described as fun. Her high energy and love of storytelling create new lenses through which coachees can see themselves and their worlds. In coaching, Robyn encourages coachees to explore emerging ideas, questions, and possibilities while holding guideposts to keep them on track. Robyn enjoys connecting people to resources so they can continue their learning between and beyond coaching sessions.

Relevant Experience


As a facilitator and organization development consultant, Robyn has been teaching communication, listening, and conflict-resolution for over a decade. She currently serves as the Director of Organizational Development and Learning in the Office of Human Resources, which is part of the HR Strategy and Talent Management Team. One of Robyn’s responsibilities is providing professional development to Mason’s supervisors, and she is passionate about finding and sharing tools, strategies, and resources for leaders.

Robyn has been a Workplace Coach at George Mason University since 2017 and is certified to coach in a number of assessments. She believes that assessments are used most effectively when considered through the lens of the whole person – experience, orientations, and identity – and uses assessments to “hold up a mirror” and provide insight into how one might show up and impact others. With increased awareness and understanding of ourselves, new possibilities emerge, and Robyn approaches this work with empathy, connection, and positive energy.



Robyn holds an MA in English Literature from George Mason University. Her undergraduate degrees are a BA in English and a B.Ed. in Secondary Education from Western University in London, Ontario.



Robyn is a certified coach in the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ-i 360 emotional intelligence assessments, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and MBTI Step II. She holds a Gallup Specialist Certificate in Strengths-Based Education and a certificate in Change Management from the Association for Talent Development. Robyn is a Certified Trainer for Crucial Conversations and Crucial Conversations for Accountability. She is a Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory.