Campus Notice: Spring 2024 Parking and Transportation Updates

As the Spring 2024 semester begins, Mason students, faculty and staff are reminded that traffic on and around the Fairfax Campus greatly increases, especially during the first few weeks of the semester. To help navigate potential parking and traffic delays, refer to the following campus parking and transportation guide.

A valid parking permit, virtual or hangtag, is required to park outside visitor areas. Faculty/staff permits from Fall 2023 expire on January 31.

To navigate the first few weeks efficiently, we recommend allowing an additional 30 minutes for your commute to campus. Though some parking spaces are more convenient to your destination than others, the Fairfax Campus has more than enough spaces to accommodate all vehicles. Many parking areas designated for general permits may fill up during peak class times.

At times during the morning, late afternoon and early evenings, campus police cadets will be directing traffic around campus. Please be alert and follow the cadets’ directions.

As the new semester begins, keep in mind that campuses will be busier. Exercise caution while sharing the road with a higher volume of pedestrians, as well as various vehicles, including scooters, motorcycles, bikes, cars, and trucks. For more tips on safely sharing the road, visit the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration website.

Event Parking Impacts 

There are a few large-scale parking closures to support campus events during the first few weeks of the semester:

  1. Lot L will be closed from 11 p.m. on Wednesday, January 17 until 2 p.m. on Friday, January 19.
  2. The eastern half of Lot A will be closed from 11 p.m. on Thursday, January 25 until 8 p.m. on Saturday, January 27 for the Homecoming Tailgate and Festival before the men’s basketball Homecoming game on January 27. For more information about the tailgate and other Homecoming events, go to the Homecoming website.

Virtual Permits

Ensure that your license plate is associated with your parking permit when purchasing a new semester permit. Since the Fall 2023 semester, Mason transitioned to a program in where your license plate serves as your parking credential. Hangtag permits will no longer be issued (with very few exceptions).

For guidance on how to associate vehicles to a permit, follow the step-by-step instructions on the Parking and Transportation website. To remove vehicles that you no longer use, own, or possess, complete the Vehicle Deactivation Request form to remove the vehicles from your parking portal.

Virtual parking permits will be sold online only at Permits will be sold as daily, weekly, monthly, and semester options.

General Parking and Transportation Information

Read the complete parking and transportation guide for Spring 2024