Income and Employment Verification

Mason offers an employee service that makes income and employment verification easy and automatic. We have partnered with a third-party vendor to provide a 24/7, quick, and private way to obtain proof of income and/or employment.

You Can Use This Service When

  • Applying for credit
  • Leasing or renting
  • Financing a purchase
  • Applying for government services

How to Obtain Income and Employment Verification

For Verifiers

If the banker, property manager, car dealer, or caseworker asks for proof of income and/or employment, send them to one of the resources below.

 For Self-Service

The WorkNumber also offers a self-service option.  To utilize this service, log in with your Mason credentials to the secure WorkNumber portal for Mason employees.  From the home screen, employees can:

  • Download their own employment date
  • Prove Employment to Verifiers
  • Prove Income to Verifiers


To learn more, visit the WorkNumber website. If you have additional questions, email