Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Toolkit

George Mason University is the largest and most diverse public institution in Virginia and one of the most diverse nationwide. Our faculty, staff, and students work together to build a foundation that allows for a diversity of cultures, opinions, and perspectives to flourish. Mason’s inclusivity draws from across the U.S. and the globe and helps create the framework that represents the vibrant landscape in which it resides.

Mason is one of only 24 designated Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Campus Centers in the country—and the only one in Virginia. Historically underrepresented groups make up 53% of Mason’s undergraduate student body, with little to no disparity in graduation rates based on ethnicity or economic status (The George). In fact, Latinos rank third among ethnic groups attending George Mason University, preceded by African-American students in second place and Asians in first (El Tiempo Latino).


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Our vision is that George Mason will become a national exemplar of antiracism and inclusive excellence,” Trent said. “Excellence requires diversity, it requires equity, it requires inclusion, and it requires performance. It all goes hand-in-hand.” Dietra Trent, interim vice president of compliance, diversity and ethics and special advisor to the president. Quoted from The George, August 3, 2020.

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Statement

You can read Mason's president's Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action policy statement.

Diversity Recruitment 

To ensure the university has the diversity needed to carry the institution forward, the Talent Acquisition team focuses on attending diversity career fairs, and events, like: HBCU, SREB, annual diversity, disability, veterans, and over 50; to promote the institution to future employees (job seekers looking to join Mason). Job seekers are encouraged to apply to the university’s open positions via jobs.gmu.edu.  Additionally, HR is committed to diversity, inclusion and well-being, and is an active advocate, working closely with faculty and staff, to continue its mission of furthering their diversity to mirror that of the student population.  Hiring authorities are encouraged to work with Talent Acquisition to develop strategic and intentional diversity outreach.

George Mason University champions employee resource groups (ERGs) and encourages employees to participate in these groups and share successes, and matters of concern with the institution’s leadership, so that they can be addressed.

To learn more about George Mason University's diversity and recruitment resources, see below.

Disability Recruitment

George Mason University has partnered with the Commonwealth of Virginia to increase the level of employment of individuals with disabilities at all levels and occupations at the university.  Individuals with disabilities who apply to Mason’s job opportunities may ask for accommodations at any stage of the hiring process.  Mason collects candidate data solely for the purpose of ensuring that individuals with disabilities are represented in applicant pools at a rate that will allow the university to work towards increasing employment for this population.

Employee data is collected to ensure that there are no systemic discriminatory issues with hiring and compensating individuals with disabilities and to ensure that individuals with disabilities have full inclusion in all aspects of employment. Mason recognizes that individuals with disabilities bring a vast amount of skills and training to our work environment. The candidate and employee data will be used only for positive purposes, and providing the information will not be held against an individual who self-identifies as having a disability. For more information, check out the following links.

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