Talent Acquisition

What We Do

As a part of central Human Resources, Talent Acquisition ensures consistency and efficiency that meets Mason’s standards of excellence across all decentralized recruitment at the university. Talent Acquisition combines the uniqueness of Mason’s individual schools and hiring needs with Mason’s overall strategic vision. In this way, Talent Acquisition is a collaborative partner that ensures both compliance and a strategic advantage in today’s competitive recruitment market. Our goal is to ensure that Mason succeeds in hiring the most diverse top tier talent ensuring our future success and status as Virginia’s top public university.

The Talent Acquisition team supports the university in all recruitment matters by setting and enforcing recruitment policies and procedures based on state and federal regulations as well as recruitment best practices. Under these policies and procedures, the team offers a number of services to the university. These include, but are not limited to, suggesting and running advertisement and sourcing strategies, direct recruiting/sourcing assistance for hard-to-fill positions, extending and negotiating offers of employment, coordinating and promoting diversity-based recruitment initiatives and strategies, assisting in the hiring of temporary employees, and serving as the main point of contact for applicants, search committees, and hiring authorities on all issues related to the full life-cycle of recruitment.

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