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Inclement Weather Policy Update

As we navigate the winter season, we want to ensure everyone is well-informed of our Inclement Weather Policy, particularly regarding telework expectations. Your safety is our priority, and we have made some updates to better align with the evolving work environment.


Inclement Weather Policy Highlights (HR 2207 - updated December 8, 2023):

Telework Agreement: Non-designated employees with an approved telework agreement must continue to telework their normal work schedule during university closures; compensatory leave is not applicable.


Non-Designated Employees Without Telework Agreements: If a non-designated employee does not have a telework agreement but requests or is directed by agency management to telework during an authorized closing, the supervisor may allow it provided the employee has the necessary tools at the home location to meet system security standards for telework.


Early Closings and Delayed Openings: Employees able to telework or work remotely during early closings and delayed openings are expected to maintain their normal work schedules.


University Leave: Non-designated classified staff or administrative/professional faculty unable or ineligible to telework will receive up to 8 hours of university leave for each day the university is closed. This is applicable if they worked or took paid leave the day before and the day after the authorized closing.


Note About Courses for I/R Faculty and Instructors: When campus is closed due to inclement weather, instructional faculty at all levels have flexibility to decide how to best adjust their classes: to move in-person classes to a synchronous or asynchronous online format, to continue synchronous online classes as planned or to move them to an asynchronous format, or to cancel classes entirely during the closure.  If you are scheduled to teach a class on a day that campus is closed for inclement weather, please communicate your plans to your students; where relevant, please also check in with a course coordinator or area lead in your department. Keep in mind that many students and faculty may also be managing childcare needs, power outages, travel restrictions, and/or snow removal, and exercise flexibility as needed.


Flexibility is Key: Understanding the need for flexibility, especially during unpredictable weather conditions, we encourage open communication with your supervisors. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to maintaining a safe and productive work environment.



For more details, refer to George Mason University’s Holiday and Inclement Weather GuidanceUniversity Policy 2207: Inclement Weather/Emergency Closure and Flexible Work Policies.

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