Pats for Patriots Recipient Round-Up

Pats for Patriots is a Mason Chooses Kindness initiative designed to show appreciation for a Mason colleague. The program extends a figurative pat on the back to fellow Mason colleagues, students, faculty/staff, and alumni and supports Mason’s culture of gratitude, recognition, and appreciation. Whether it's a small act of kindness, a generous gesture, or a thoughtful deed, Pats for Patriots seeks to magnify the impact of these moments.

Below is a highlight of the many Pats for Patriots that our faculty and staff received from the end of November through January.


Kris Piyavansuthi
Information Technology Services

“Kris has kindly helped me a number of times recently with equipment issues, and is always friendly, prompt, and thorough with the support provided. I appreciate you, Kris!”
J. Moore, Human Resources

Mark Rudnick
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

“Thank you for being a fun, caring, and engaging professor. I really enjoyed your class and the friendly environment you provided.”
Student, School of Business

Heba El-Shazli
Schar School of Policy and Government

“She was very thoughtful and kind. She even got me a free book which she sent to me! My favorite professor so far.”
–  Student, Schar School of Policy and Government 

Heather McGuire
College of Visual and Performing Arts 

I loved your class and how you helped me learn in a way that always felt open to questions! I looked forward to in person and zoom classes weekly and I am sad to not have you for more classes!!
Student, College of Public Health

Payal Shah
College of Education and Human Development 

Dr. Shah has always been an incredibly kind and understanding instructor. I have her online, yet her kindness still shines through.
Student, College of Education and Human Development

Patrice Winter
College of Public Health

Patrice is a bonus mom to everyone in the department. She is kind, thoughtful, generous, and encouraging. 
MB Mitcham, College of Public Health

Kelly Beckwith
College of Public Health

Kelly has consistently and proactively reached out to her colleagues, fostering friendship, and creating a community of support. She is awesome! 
MB Mitcham, College of Public Health

Zareena Khan
Center for the Advancement of Well-Being 

Thank you for the delicious coffee cake! It made my day!
Makenzie Gold Quiros, Housing and Residence Life 

Valerie Bartush
College of Education and Human Development

Valerie is a GIFT to the Mason community! The Elementary Education department is a success because of her amazing advising 🙂 Thanks Valerie!"
Mandy Bean, College of Education and Human Development 

Pam Patterson
University Life

Pam, I appreciate you willingness to share your knowledge and expertise with the students at GMU. You bring a warm heart, kind soul, and peaceful presence to your work, making every interaction meaningful and enjoyable. You make our community a better place! Thank you for being you!
– Anonymous Community Member

Katie Turner and Dean Ingrid Guerra Lopez
College of Education and Human Development

Thank you for allowing me to share the Mason Chooses Kindness Program and being open to sharing kindness within the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD). I am proud to be an alum of this college and support the next generation of educators anyway I can!
Philip Wilkerson, University Career Services

Anonymous Instructional Faculty

Always goes above and beyond to support his students!
Anonymous Student

Anonymous Classified Staff Member 

Your ability to get students in the right mindset and track to their majors has been fundamental to my success as a Bioengineering student.”
Anonymous Student

February 15 is Mason Intentional Kindness Day. Mark your calendar and consider spreading kindness with a Pats for Patriots submission!