Performance Evaluations

Midcycle Check-in Guidance for Classified Staff and Administrative/Professional Faculty

All updates to this guidance will be emailed to classified staff and A/P faculty directly. 

Our transformation of Mason’s performance management process continues this academic year, as we move from a transaction-based process to a culture that prioritizes ongoing feedback and creates regular opportunities for development and engagement.


2023 Midcycle Check-in 


  • A/P faculty and classified staff hired on or before June 30, 2023 – optional
  • Supervisors of participating A/P faculty and classified staff – optional


What A/P Faculty, Classified Staff, and Supervisors Need to Know

  • The check-in is intended to review the period of April 1 – September 30, 2023.
  • The midcycle check-in is optional this year, with the following exceptions:
    • The check-in is required for employees who have not yet participated in an annual evaluation process or to address any performance concerns.
    • Individual departments/units may determine that the check-in is required for A/P faculty and classified staff.
  • Supervisors are encouraged to hold one-on-one meetings with employees prior to completing the supervisor sign-off step to provide feedback, answer questions, or address other needs requested by the employee. 
  • Submission of a Probationary Progress Review Form for classified staff may be utilized in lieu of the check-in. This form is required to document “below contributor” performance results and to extend the probationary period for classified employees.
  • Supervisor comments will be visible to the employee once the supervisor sign-off step is complete.
  • If a supervisor does not participate in the process, the employee's self-reflection input will remain visible and can be accessed in MasonLEAPS during the annual evaluation process.
  • All steps must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on November 10, 2023. 


Due Dates

Participating A/P faculty, classified staff, and their supervisors should be aware that the system is programmed with the due dates below.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Action Self-Reflection
Feedback (Optional)**
1:1 Meeting (Optional) Supervisor
Due Date 10/15/2023 10/30/2023
10/31/2023 – 11/8/2023 11/9/2023 11/10/2023

*The employee self-reflection step can be reopened by the supervisor. 
**The supervisor feedback step can be reopened by contacting


Midcycle Check-in Initiation 

All A/P faculty and classified staff will receive an automated email from MasonLEAPS inviting them to begin the optional check-in process by completing their self-reflection. Since this check-in is optional, only one automated reminder will be sent (3 days prior to the due date above). We recommend that a copy of the self-reflection and the supervisor's feedback be saved before each step is submitted.


Acknowledgment of Extraordinary Contribution 

If a supervisor participates in the check-in and determines that extraordinary contributions have been made, they are encouraged to submit an Acknowledgement of Extraordinary Contribution Form at this time. Extraordinary contributions should demonstrate outstanding execution of work and reflect a significant positive impact on the performance of the unit or the institution.

See also: Directions for Filling out the Acknowledgment of Extraordinary Contribution Form

As a reminder, classified employees are not eligible to receive an overall Outstanding rating (equivalent to the state's Extraordinary Contributor rating) on their annual performance evaluation without an existing Acknowledgment of Extraordinary Contribution on file with Human Resources.  

Questions about this requirement can be emailed to


Probationary Review vs. Midcycle Check-in 

The midcycle check-in may take the place of a probationary progress review for new classified staff if it aligns with the 3- or 6-month review and if there are no performance concerns. If performance concerns are identified as meeting the state's Below Contributor rating, the Probationary Progress Review Form must be submitted to

Questions about documenting performance or extending the probationary period should be directed to Employee Relations at


Notice of Improvement Needed vs. Midcycle Check-in 

If performance concerns about a classified employee are identified as meeting the state's Below Contributor rating, the Notice of Improvement Needed Form must be submitted to Employee Relations at The midcycle check-in may not be substituted for this process.



The Performance Evaluation hub is available to help you navigate the process and stay up to date on the latest announcements. 

Additional job aids are available for your convenience under the How-To Guides section of the MasonLEAPS homepage. If you have questions, please contact