Alex Atwood

Alex Atwood is a versatile and driven leader with over 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur. He has successfully launched four startups in the hospitality and staffing industries and has a talent for building efficient teams. In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Atwood is also a podcaster, public speaker, angel investor, and philanthropist. He has a particular interest in supporting family businesses. Atwood's business acumen developed at a young age, when he bought and resold candy and bubble gum for a significant profit. As CEO of Sanistaff, co-founder of Gravy Work, CEO of PSG Inc., and CEO of the Hospitality Training Institute, Atwood has demonstrated his ability to lead and foster success. He has completed an ICF-accredited coach training program and is eager to apply his coaching skills to George Mason's Workplace Coaching program, where he can support employee personal development.

Coaching Approach and Style


At the heart of Alex's coaching approach lies a foundation of understanding, empathy, and curiosity. One of his standout qualities is his ability to be fully present with clients, actively listening without any judgment. He is also highly adaptable and flexible, tailoring his approach to meet the unique needs of each client. Specializing his energy in leadership, Alex collaborates with clients to help them gain clarity on their current situation, establish clear goals, and develop an actionable plan for the future. As needed, he also incorporates mindfulness practices and stress-reduction techniques to promote well-being and facilitate positive outcomes.

Relevant Experience


Alex has a ton of experience under his belt! He's spoken at many events and recently became a certified coach with Third Wave, where he helps leaders improve their wellbeing and productivity. Alex has also coached with Landmark Worldwide, a company focused on personal and professional development. He's an elevation leader with the 1heart program, which helps people grow and transform their mind, body, and spirit.

On top of that, Alex leads workshops that explore integrity and self-actualization, with the aim of boosting attendees' self-esteem, creativity, productivity, and overall fulfillment. He's also volunteered as a coach with a non-profit that's dedicated to making coaching accessible to women seeking positive change.

Alex has worked with a diverse group of clients, including non-profit executives, small business owners, and early-mid career professionals. He's great at helping individuals, teams, and groups turn conflict into generativity and live up to their full potential.



Alex earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from George Mason University.



Alex is certified in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being through George Mason University. His additional training and certifications include nonviolent communication (NVC), transcendental meditation (TM), and third wave coaching.