Mission, Vision & Values

The purpose of Workplace Coaching, what we live by, how we work, and what we plan for are expressed through our mission, vision and values.

Mission and Vision


The Workplace Coaching Program exists to support the personal and professional well-being, growth, and leadership development of all Mason faculty and staff, empowering them to fulfill their goals and thrive.


The Workplace Coaching Program will be a growing and sustainable resource that empowers Mason faculty and staff through constructive, relational coaching and helps promote an organization-wide coaching culture. The program will be made possible by dedicated internal coaches and coaching partners who are committed to serving the Mason community.



We support growth and positive change for both our coaches and our coachees.


We care about one another. We listen, hold space, and create a supportive environment.


We provide a confidential and neutral resource that exists to support well-being.


We cultivate possibility and creative problem-solving for improved outcomes.


We connect and thrive together in a coaching culture.