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Improvements to the Impact Award Nomination Process

The process for submitting employee Impact Awards has moved from a PDF to Dynamic Forms! This change will streamline the approval process and allow multiple employees to be nominated on one form.

Impact Awards are designed to acknowledge admin/professional faculty, classified staff, and non-student wage who are doing exceptional work above and beyond the scope of their usual job duties, making outstanding contributions that have a significant positive impact on the performance of their unit or the institution, and/or advancing Mason’s mission in line with strategic initiatives.

An overview of the new submission, workflow, and approval process is outlined below.

  • Up to 10 nominees can be submitted on one form.
  • Deans or Vice Presidents are now the final approvers. Approval is required at the Executive Vice President, Provost, or Chief of Staff level only when a nomination is submitted by a Dean or Vice President.
  • Upon final signature, forms will automatically be routed to HR for review.
  • After HR review, a notification will automatically be sent to the form submitter, who can then inform the recipient of their award.

By increasing the ease of nominations and approvals, we hope that more units will utilize Impact Awards as a means to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate the exceptional work of Mason employees. This enhancement directly aligns with the university’s strategic plan, specifically strategic initiative 5.1.4: “Expand and enhance programming for recognition of faculty and staff across all disciplines.”   

Please note that the previous PDF form will no longer be accepted. Submissions received after August 31, 2023, will be returned with a request to resubmit through the new process.

For more information on Impact Awards and other informal recognition opportunities, visit the informal recognition website. If you have questions, email