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Posted August 25, 2016

You're Invited: Well-Being Certificate Program

The Well-Being Certificate Program is designed to help faculty and staff foster their knowledge of the science and practice of well-being, create an individualized plan to enhance their own well-being, and collaborate with others to help build well-being in the workplace. This interdisciplinary 4-session program brings together instructors from the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, HR & Payroll, Center for Sports Performance, College of Science, Department of Psychology, and the Higher Education Program; it is open to all faculty and staff.

*Session 1: Introduction to well-being models and StrengthsFinder, Friday, September 30, 10am-4pm
*Session 2: Mindfulness, meditation, and physical well-being, Friday, October 21, 10am-4pm
*Session 3: Well-Being in the workplace and resilience, Friday, November 18, 10am-4pm
*Session 4: Group Discussion and Wrap Up, Friday, December 9, 9am-noon

Attendance of all four sessions is expected for successful completion of the program. Please RSVP to by Friday, September 9. Space is limited to the first 25 people to register.

Posted June 29, 2016

Non-Exempt Employees Can Choose Leave or Pay for Their Overtime Hours

Effective August 1st, non-exempt employees (i.e. overtime eligible for all hours over 40 worked in a week) can initiate or change their election regarding how their overtime is to be handled by the Payroll Department. All non-exempt employees have the option of being paid for their overtime (which is the default) or to accumulate their overtime as leave.

If as a non-exempt employee, you made an election in the past and do not want to change your election, you do not have to do anything. If you want to continue to receive pay for any overtime earned, you also do not have to complete a form. However, if you would like to change your election from receiving pay to receiving leave or receiving leave to receiving pay, please complete an Overtime Leave Agreement Form and submit it to the Payroll Department no later than Friday, September 2.

Unfortunately this deadline is firm and we cannot accept forms after that date.

Please remember that an election commits you to your choice for one year until the next open enrollment period. This means that if you elect leave accumulation you will receive leave and not pay for any overtime worked during the next academic year.

Please contact Catalina Wheat at 3.2751 if you have any questions.

Posted June 21, 2016

Summer Bridge Camp

Sometime summer camps end a little too soon leaving a time that needs to be “bridged” before public elementary schools start. To help with that challenge, HR & Payroll is piloting a summer bridge camp from August 15-September 2 for children ages 6-10. Choose 1, 2, or 3 weeks. The theme is “Junior Detective Agency” and it will be held on the Fairfax Campus. For details, including camp pricing and before/after camp care, please see the Summer Bridge Camp flyer. If you have questions or would like to discuss this new opportunity, please contact Tina Morris at 3.5807 or via email at

Posted June 17, 2016

Mason Flexible July

Senior leadership is providing additional holiday leave for salaried faculty and staff this summer. Called Mason Flexible July, it includes:

• Four hours of additional holiday leave when Mason closes administrative offices at 12:30pm on Friday, July 1.
• Four hours of additional Special Flex Holiday leave that can be used, with supervisor permission, during July or August of 2016.
• A special promotion of flexible work schedules for the month of July to encourage the use of flexible scheduling such as working four 9-hour days and one 4-hour day.

Please review the FAQ for additional details. If you have any questions, please contact the Life/Work Connections Team at

Posted November 3, 2015

IRS Limits for 2016

The IRS announced cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) affecting the dollar limits for pension plans and other retirement-related items for the 2016 tax year. There is no change from 2015. Participants under age 50 can contribute up to $18,000 in the Supplemental Retirement Plan (403(b)) program and the Virginia Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP) (457). Participants age 50 and over can contribute $24,000 in each plan. If you wish to change your 403(b) contribution, please complete a 403(b) salary reduction agreement and return to Benefits at MS 3C3. If you wish to change your 457 contribution, please call ICMA-RC at 1-VRS-DC-PLAN1 (1-877-327-5261), or log into your account at




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