Human Resources and Payroll

Human Resources & Payroll Staff


Mason Human Resources and Payroll

Human Resources and Payroll Staff


Lester L. Arnold, Sr. 3-2602

Vice President, Human Resources & Payroll

Victoria McGough 3-4181

Executive Assistant

Kimberly Shaw-Mack 3-4057

Office Manager


Maria Green 3-3991

Director of Benefits

Bobbie Merritt 3-4130

Senior & Executive Benefits Consultant

Niki Imamura 3-2040

Benefits Adminstrator

Emily Lane 3-3657

Benefits Administrator

Kendra Altmann 3-1113

Benefits Specialist

Nushaiba Chowdhury 3-2633

Benefits Assistant

Customer Service

Debbie Gupta 3-9459

HR Consultant & Onboarding Administrator & Customer Service Supervisor

Tammy Wood 3-2600

Customer Service Assistant

Melisa Pasero 3-2600

Customer Service Associate

Jessica Barrios 3-2600

Customer Service Associate

Classification and Compensation

Jennifer Irvin 3-2616

Classification & Compensation Analyst

Indiana Ahn 3-8951

Compensation Analyst

Employee Relations

Danielle Reich 3-4185

Director of Employee Relations

Regina Ryder 3-2621

Employee Relations Consultant

Kevin Jackson 3-5858

Employee Relations Specialist

Employee Relations Assistant 3-3878

Talent Acquisition

Clifton Murray 3-2609

Director of Talent Acquisition

Enock Belony, Sr. 3-2659

Talent Acquisition Consultant

Michelle Brennan 3-4686

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Marcus Rozier 3-4087

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

HR Services and Consulting

Michelle Lim 3-3665

Director, Strategic HR Services and Faculty Consulting

Dwala Toombs 3-2604

Director of the Mid-Atlantic HERC and Diversity Outreach

Debbie Gupta 3-9459

HR Consultant & Onboarding Administrator & Customer Service Supervisor

Chris Shepherd 3-2630

HR Consultant

Anthony Cole 3-4228

HR Data Analyst

Stacy Flanery 3-4282

Senior HR Assistant

Carol Dennis 3-4401

HR and Payroll Assistant

Hufsa Khalique 3-2600

HR Assistant

HR Information Services

Patricia Coray 3-4460

HRIS Director

John Creuziger 3-9457

Web Developer/Master

Greg Pirog 3-4814

HRIS Programmer/Analyst

Kate Astor 3-8974

HR Metrics and Project Analyst

Patricia Thompson

HRIS Data Analyst

Victoria Palazzo 3-9912

HRIS Project Assistant


Catalina Wheat 3-2751

Payroll Operations Supervisor

Mira Halilovic 3-2625

Supervisor, Data Support and Reconciliation

Drew Southers 3-2629

Senior Payroll Specialist

Hani Henry 3-3229

Payroll Specialist

Haydee Holbrook 3-5499

Payroll Specialist

Noy Ly 3-2608

Payroll Accountant

Jill Parady 3-9687

Payroll Accounting Assistant

Organizational Development and Learning

Shernita Rochelle Parker 3-2606

Assistant Vice President of HR Strategy & Organizational Development and Learning

Robyn Madar 3-4180

ODL Manager

Rick Holt 3-4576

Trainer & OD Consultant

Ashley Hill 3-5807

Communications Specialist

Beth Baroody 3-2739

Reward & Recognition Specialist

Bridget Peabody 3-6764

Training Assistant

Margaret Vu 3-4516

Training Assistant